Zoom Phone System

Zoom Phone is a new generation PBX solution integrated on Zooms, a platform that includes voice, video, chat and online meeting services. Zoom Phone includes all the features of a traditional call center allowing employees to talk and interact with each other in a new way to help businesses speed up in digital transformation. With Zoom’s Bring Your feature Own Carrier (BYOC), Zoom allows customers to reuse the number of the existing carrier in the deployment area to quickly switch from a traditional PBX to a Zoom switchboard quickly.


  • Customers do not need to invest in a traditional switchboard with hardware expansion problems, saving workspace.
  • Easily expand and narrow according to use needs
  • Deployment is fast and geo-independent.
  • Employees can use it on all devices from desk phones, computers, tablets or mobile phones. No longer limited to the office and out of the office.
  • The Zoom Phone solution with integrated voice helps businesses quickly deploy wireless, paperless, virtual office models … and is especially flexible when working from home.

Deployment requirements

To deploy Zoom Phone System according to BYOC architecture, customers need to have the following conditions:

  • Customers need a minimum license of Zoom Pro
  • Customers need to buy more Zoom Phone for each extension
  • Customers need a static IP
  • Customers need a CA certificate that is recommended by Zoom
  • Customers need the Ribbon Zoom recommends SBC 1000/2000
  • Customers need to rent SIP Trunk service of a network operator in Vietnam or traditional E1 ISDN communication.