Unify Contact Center

OpenScape Contact Center is an omni-channel integrated contact center solution designed to improve engagement at a very competitive price. It advances an organization’s ability to more effectively deploy agent and supervisor resources, as well as providing new ways of handling interactions. It also improves engagement with vendors and partners, and expands ecosystem options with a modern REST SDK.

OpenScape Contact Center delivers intelligent routing for a mid-to-large contact
center, with up to 1,500 active agents on a single site. Multiple OpenScape Contact Center servers can be networked across physical or virtual sites for increased scalability of up to 7,500 active agents. Whether using inbound or outbound interactions, single-site or multi-site, or even if you want to integrate with your existing CRM system, OpenScape Contact Center Enterprise provides the capabilities you need for your contact center


Customer care plays a major role in the success of a business. It involves looking after customers to best ensure a delightful interaction and satisfaction with a business as well as its goods, services, and brand. Instead of just making a sale, good customer care ensures that customers are cared for, their needs are listened to, and they get help in finding the right solution


  • We do not recognize customers when customers contact the company to ask for information about products and services
  • Receiving customer information but not responding, causing customers to contact many times
  • Customers contact the company’s phone number but there is no one to receive or receive but transfer the phone to the wrong recipient…
  • Calling in is always busy making customers unhappy
  • Young customers often prefer to support through Social channels, but the company cannot manage these channels.
  • Employees handle less work, but the number of customers contacting too much leads to many missed calls
  • and more

Proposed solutions

  • In order to retain customers to continue using their products and services, businesses need to focus on after-sales customer care. The company needs a customer care center to receive support, warranty, customer care and proceed to sell more products and services on the existing customer base.
  • The solution we propose focuses on building a customer care center to help businesses increase customer satisfaction and help optimize human resources to take care of customers by using the latest technologies in telecommunications and technology.


  • PBX system connects voice providers such as Viettel, Mobifone, VinaPhone through traditional communication such as TDM/E1/ISDN or through SIP Trunk interfaces.
  • Contact Center Management
  • Email system receives information channels via email
  • Social Chat system like Zalo/ Facebook/Live Chat…over the Internet
  • AI system like Chat Bot/Voice Bot using TTS and ASR technologies
  • Recording
  • Customer database system like CRM