Session Border Controllers for Enterprises

In today’s hybrid work environments, security and interoperability need to be proactively managed, assuring that employees can work from anywhere by securely connecting to different networks (and different network elements from a variety of vendors). Ribbon Session Border Controllers (SBCs) are designed and tested to provide the most robust SIP security and interoperability, regardless of location or deployment environment. Ribbon offers cloud-based security solutions, virtualized SBC software, and traditional hardware appliances.

Ribbon’s solutions are tested with Microsoft Teams Direct Routing, Zoom, Ring Central, and Cisco BYOC solutions, as well as many other cloud-based unified communications solutions. They are also tested with popular cloud-based contact centers from Genesys, Five9, Nice InContact, and more. Ribbon also has the benefit of hundreds of thousands of existing deployments worldwide, meaning our solutions are deployed with Avaya, Asterisk, Mitel, Cisco, Avaya, and countless other brands of PBXs and contact centers. 

Ribbon has solutions deployed in every size organization, from neighborhood small businesses to the most security-conscious global financial institutions. The breadth of Ribbon’s portfolio makes it ideal for multi-site businesses; we can combine together our largest carrier-grade solutions for large campuses with our cost-effective solutions for branch offices. Ribbon solutions create a secure “communications superhighway” to integrate different brands and generations of communications solutions.

Detailed information on Ribbon’s SBC choices can be found on each product page including common deployment options such as:  

  • Migrating from a PBX to cloud-based collaboration services such as Teams, Zoom, Ring Central, and more
  • Migrating to cloud-based contact center solutions such as Genesys, Five9, Nice InContact, and more
  • Public Cloud and cloud-native deployments
  • Simplifying legacy device connectivity (analog phones, elevator phones, door phones, etc.)

Distributed Edge & Small to Medium Enterprises

Ribbon’s portfolio of enterprise session border controllers (eSBC) are designed to enable enterprises to deploy unified communications and contact centers with a high degree of security and quality. The Ribbon enterprise SBC portfolio offers full-fledged service demarcation devices and protects your network against malicious attacks such as denial of service and toll fraud.

  • SBC SWe Edge: 1,000 Sessions, Virtualized or Public Cloud

  • SBC 1000: 192 Sessions, Hardware

  • SBC 2000: 600 Sessions, Hardware

Enterprise Data Center

Microsoft Teams Phone System and Direct Routing

Ribbon has more than 15 years of in-depth experience helping Microsoft’s customers connect to telecom providers. Since 2007, across multiple generations of Microsoft solutions, Ribbon has been providing certified session border controllers (SBCs) that provide security and interoperability between Teams and telecom providers across the globe. We have an SBC to fit every deployment situation


In addition to security, Ribbon SBCs solve problems. We make it easy to migrate from traditional phone systems from Avaya, Cisco, Mitel, etc., to Microsoft Phone System. We make it easy to integrate legacy devices like security phones, fax machines, elevator phones, and other devices that are needed to move to the cloud.  We have the solutions, expertise, and experience to make Teams Phone System work better for your customers and employees.